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Jamie Henrichsen on fallen tree

Henrichsen Wood

My name is Jamie Henrichsen. I'm the Owner/Operator of Henrichsen Wood.

Over the years I've gathered a wide range of work experience from fine woodworking, remodeling and building homes to felling trees, improving timber stands and fighting fire for land management agencies.

I noticed a void in services locally available to homeowners when I came to the Carolinas. I'd hoped to remove a few hazard trees from around my place and sell them to a sawmill. I just don't like the idea of disposable, single use trees. After checking my options; I found that I couldn't sell them to a logging outfit, and the price I'd get from a sawmill if I delivered the wood, wouldn't cover the expense of harvest and transport.  

So naturally I bought an Alaskan sawmill, and then upgraded to a Lucas Mill. I milled my own lumber from the trees that would've normally found their way to the dump. I have found it satisfying

to build something beautiful from what was once a hazard to my home. Instead of paying have my trees hauled away, I've built a couple chicken coops, a covered patio, a custom wooden bathtub, a garden gate and I still have plenty of wood for my shop expansion. I also have somewhere close to a lifetime supply of firewood. It makes me happy to keep those wonderful trees out of the landfill and I want to help you do the same.

In creating Henrichsen Wood, I'd like to share my knowledge and experience to help you realize the value from the trees on your property. 

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