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Services & Pricing

We offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your dearly departed tree. While every tree dreams of a beautiful afterlife as a canoe, some only make it to the landfill. Turning your tree into lumber is more affordable than you think. You can get a rough idea of our pricing below. Note that our minimum charge is 1/2 a day of work.

Because we can bring our sawmill to your trees, we can offer you a significant savings over buying lumber cut from someone else's trees. Want a real life example? Click here!

All pricing information found on this page is a rough estimate of our services. Each tree is unique, so naturally services and charges will vary a bit. We can give you a quote after we visit your site. Please call or email for an onsite evaluation.

To give you the most reliable quote, we offer a free on site quote. We can provide some ballpark information over the phone, but being on site gets things dialed in. Once there, we will evaluate your log(s) or tree(s) for board footage and worksite access & efficiency. 


We'll be able to tell you whether your logs are suitable for what you've got in mind and we can then discuss your milling requirements. We'll have detailed quotes to you within a day for all of our services. 


Large tree cut down

The quote should take about 30 minutes and we'll be able to give you a rough estimate of the cost of the job. For tree services (felling & pruning) we generally run a set quote for the job, while for milling, yarding & splitting we run at an hourly/daily rate that is estimated. 

If you're looking for a consultation of the trees on your property (or property you may be purchasing), we'll be happy to provide detailed information and suggestions. Consultations start at $250. 

We have a 30hp Swing Blade Mobile Sawmill. This mill is especially suited for cutting dimensional lumber from wide logs in hard to get to locations. The design maximizes efficient lumber recovery and minimizes log handling labor. With our 21in carbide tipped circular blade, we cut horizontally with the forward pass and the return trip is a vertical cut. This speeds things up quite a bit especially coupled with the fact that we don't need to turn the log while cutting. While we are most efficient working from a log deck, our mill can be set up over most any log which allows us to access logs that other mills can't. 

Mobile Sawmill

Mobile Sawmill

Our standard setup allows us to mill up to a 8.5in x 17in x 20ft beam. With some lead time to retool/configure for special orders, we can mill longer and wider limited only to the size of log you have. We can also mill slabs 30in wide (wider on request) and 8in bevel siding.

Our sawmill services start at $2,000 per day, which will get you between 500-800 board feet of lumber. Our minimum charge is $1,000 for up to 4 hours on site. This board foot yield is dependent on the log deck setup, your cut list and size of logs - it generally takes a bit more time for smaller logs (12-16 inches in diameter) as there is more of them to move around. If you need the logs moved or the log deck built, we can do that too - see our Log and Site Preparation service below. 

Keep in mind that metal in trees doesn't mix well with any sawmill. We will assess a fee for hitting metal according to blade damage. A new blade costs $250, and re-sharpening a chipped carbide tip takes service life out of the blade. It's better if you find the metal hazards than if our blade finds them. 

The most cost effective setup to mill from is on level ground with a pile of logs on a log deck on one side of the mill. Logs don't often fall in that formation on their own. We can help with that.

Moving logs is heavy duty work. When it's practical to mill the log where it lays, that's our preferred method. But when we do move logs, we move them with our gas powered capstan winch and a fetching arch. This method keeps the logs clean and spares your land the soil damage heavy equipment can leave behind. 

Log and Site Preparation


Our equipment can handle logs up to 7000 lbs and can fit into spaces machinery cannot. For small to medium jobs, this option is often more cost effective than renting or hiring heavy equipment to move the logs.


This service runs $250 per hour. Total time needed is dependent on the size of the logs, how far they need to be moved, the terrain and the obstacles in the way. Generally we will come out the day before milling to get the logs all lined up into a nice neat log deck.

You cut your grass.

You trim your hair.

You shear your dog.

Your trees need a pruning too! We can help you give your trees the maintenance they need. Whether you have a branch hanging over your house, storm damaged trees that need surgery or ornamentals ready for a renewal pruning; we can do it for you.



A simple tree needing only some sprucing up might cost $100 to prune whereas a huge oak hanging over your garage needing some big branches removed could cost a bit more in the $3000+ range. Keep in mind that our minimum charge to come out is $850. Call us and we can give you a a free quote for what your tree needs. 

Our medium sized commercial grade chipper can go places most chippers cannot. It's a tactical chipper. We don't have to drag branches across your front lawn and we can chip directly into a garden bed or wherever you want your chips. Using the mulch from your tree's branches is a great way to get nutrients back into the soil, makes weeding easier, and reduces or eliminates your gardening water bill as well. 

We can chip up to 6 inch branches and pile or spread it darn near anywhere.



This service comes standard with any pruning or tree felling job and you'll be left with a nice pile of mulch ready to use in your garden of flowerbeds.

There's nothing like sitting by or cooking over a wood fire. The flavor we get from our wood fired pizza oven puts other ovens to shame. And the warmth and ambiance that a fire provides is one of our favorite gifts trees give.

Our wood splitting service will help you enjoy that warmth and ambiance all year long. We'll cut the wood to the length you need, and then split it up into nice manageable pieces. We'll also stack it for drying before we're done. 

While not every log is suitable for lumber, what is leftover will make nice fires.

Wood Splitting

Stacked firewood

We provide this service for $250 per hour (minimum 4 hours).

When a tree needs to come down because it's damaged, a hazard to your home or you are thinning your woods, we can do that for you. We specialize in manually dismantling trees piece by piece in the canopy. Huge hunks of wood can be lowered gently to the ground with our in tree rigging systems and experienced climber. We can take down trees up to 150 ft tall and 5 ft in diameter.


A huge tree hanging over a home will naturally cost more to take down than a

Tree Felling - Selective Logging


smaller tree in the middle of an open field. We offer a competitive service for this and are properly trained and insured. Call us for a free consultation and quote.

Cats love trees. Trees, on the other hand, seem ambivalent towards cats. When your kitty gets a little crazy and races to the top of a tree, she's not always thinking about the return trip. Sometimes they get stuck up out on a limb and that's where we can help!

Since "kitty in a tree" may not be a high priority for our emergency services, you could have a hard time getting your cat down. We climb trees for a living and we know how to get up in a tree in a safe way (for us and the tree).

Out on a Limb Cat Rescue


As animal lovers, it seemed ideal for us to offer this free cat tree rescue service. 


If your cat does get stuck in a tree, don't panic. Cats are great climbers and will most likely find a way down on their own once the excitement wears off. If you want more information on the best strategies for encouraging your cat get out of that tree, click here

This service is free because we know that cats don't carry cash, and the decision to rescue shouldn't be based on money. If your cat has been out on a limb for a few days, now is a good time to call us. 

Drones do not love trees - except from afar. So when a drone has a crash landing high up in a tree, what can you do? Well, you call us of course! 

We are professional tree climbers and can work to safely retrieve that expensive piece of equipment. 

Our rate for this service is $250/hr and the total time of retrieval is dependent on the tree and location of the drone. We will give a rough estimate of the time 

Drone Retrieval


it will take before we start climbing. A drone retrieval takes about an hour. To speed up the process give us a good idea where in the tree the drone is located. Also, we'll need approval from the tree's owner for us to climb up in it. Give us a call so we can help you retrieve your drone. 

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