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Clones from cuttings!

While most of what we do starts after a tree passes on to the sweet hereafter, we also like to be a part of a tree's beginning. We enjoy the balance of adding a new tree to the world for each tree that we mill up. It's like a circle. A circle of life.

Recently we found a fabulous shrub tree - the Yellow Twig Dogwood. As you can imagine the branches are yellow...a very bright and vibrant yellow. It was such a pop of color here in the not quite spring of North Carolina and we knew it would look great in our yard.

What follows is a photo journal of our process to help start more of this fun shrubbery.

*Note: First, do not cut yourself with the insanely sharp clippers. And second make sure your shrub or tree is not "patented" and there are no "we'll sue the ever living crap out of you if you propagate this tree via cuttings" warnings on the tags.

Here's our new Yellow Twig Dogwood.

Sand & Peat Moss in equal parts for the mix.

Cutting the branches - make sure to get a few nodes.

All the ingredients.

Flat cut just below the node.

Measure about 8 inches from the flat cut.

Angle cut just above the node.

Close up of the angle cut above the node.

Prepped cuttings.

Rooting hormone on the flat cut.

Group of starts snuggled together in the pot.


All tucked in and ready to root.

Good luck Dogwoods!


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