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In the meantime...

While we wait ever so impatiently for our business insurance to get set up, we've been working on a few projects. One that will really help Henrichsen Wood is upgrading our team of haulers - log, branch, lumber & firewood haulers.

Now, these are things that could easily be purchased but of course that's just not our style. So we've been making them. Welding them, to be precise. We've already built Bleu, our big log arch that can move logs in the thousands of pounds range. He's currently painted a primer brown, but will get a top coat of a bright to fluorescent purple (#keepingitfunky). He's the beast of the Ox for sure, and will do good work for us.

Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!... Tina, eat. Food. Eat the FOOD!

The latest addition is Tina, a wee lama lass that will be in charge of firewood, small-ish logs and lumber hauling. When we first met Tina she was a warehouse rack that had a tiff with a forklift. Her warehouse had set her out to pasture (the curb), and we swooped to her rescue before the scavenging scrappers could get her. We have lovingly rearranged her bent legs and replaced her feet with wheelbarrow tires in true upcycling fashion. No longer confined to a warehouse, her sedentary life of holding things has become a rolling adventure carrying interestingly heavy bits to faraway lands.

Before she's ready for action, we'll spiff her up with the same paint color as Bleu - so they'll feel comfortable working together. Tina should be all finished up by the time our insurance is ready and she will be raring to go. As you can see, she's already started with some small logs from our own yard.

And that mean forklift will never bother her again.

We have a few more haulers to add to the team and don't you worry - you'l get a change to meet each new addition to our family. Gosh!


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