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Ah, the new year approaches (as in day after tomorrow!) and I’m sure you have a long list of “to do’s” for 2020. Well, here’s an item that you may not have on your list yet. Don't worry, it’s quick, easy and could save you money!

So what do I want you to do? Simple, go look at your trees. Pick a nice day and just wander around your property and check the trees. Winter is a great time to do a health check on your trees as deciduous trees will be free of leaves allowing you to see into the canopy.

What are you looking for? A few key things - bark missing from the upper branches, vines, mistletoe or other parasites, dead branches that are still attached or hung up in the canopy (these are called widow makers…for a reason), fungus or mushrooms at the base. These are good indicators of the health of the tree and can be a warning of possible issues & hazards.

If you see something that concerns you, call a tree service. More specifically, call Henrichsen Wood! We’ll provide a free quote and will give you a better idea of what should be done with the tree. And remember, with us you'll get some useful material (mulch, firewood, maybe even lumber) from any removal or pruning that we do.

We always suggest getting a second opinion and price, but please, please, please be careful in considering the lowest priced quotes. Business insurance for tree services is very high, which is one reason that it can cost a chunk of money to do tree work. Make sure to ask whatever tree service you choose to have their insurance company send over their policy so you can verify that they are up to date.

Keeping your trees healthy is a great resolution for the new year and it can be checked off your list in a jiffy. Happy and healthy trees to you all in the new year!



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